MatchMaker FundRaising Software Updates – Version 4.0

For more than a year the MatchMaker FundRaising Software team has been hard at work developing our latest software update.  Version 4.0 focuses on a revamped and comprehensive new Event Management module, a new rapid transaction entry and an efficient search function that can be used on any screen in MatchMaker.  Along with our major features, we have updated the application with new reports, increased database performance, a new updated application skin and other client requests.  Below is a list of a few of the items in the latest version:

Qgiv Clients
1. If a constituent is deleted or merged in MM prior to importing transactions, a zero ID will show on the constituent row – fixed
2. If the same new constituent makes separate transactions, constituent records will combine upon import.
3. Ability to change the gift type in the Qgiv import screen.
4. Membership Renewal Date will auto calculate one year from the transaction date.
5. Membership Renewal Date is editable.

1. Rapid Transaction Entry added to Security
2. New Event Module

1. Postmark Date added to Transactions
2. New Event Items

1. New search feature
2. Can change the constituent info type without changing the value – fixed

1. New Rapid Transaction Entry (RTE)
2. Error after reversing transaction then going to pledges tab – fixed
3. Matching Gift issue – fixed
4. New Event transaction entry
5. Postmark Date added to transaction info tab
6. In-kind description size has been increased
7. Entering an event transaction, changing event name from one to another, event activity was removed – fixed
8. Changing an in-kind transaction from an event to a program, information showing up on the event reports. – fixed
9. Reversing In-kind transactions attached to an event – not releasing silent auction item for repurchase – fixed

1. Postmark Date added to General Field Group

Report Changes
1. Larger buttons on the print preview screen

Added Legacy Reports – for events prior to December 2015 (Reports –
Legacy tab bottom left corner)

Gift Report – pulling wrong email for constituents – fixed
Gift Report by Giving Codes – pulling wrong email for constituents – fixed
Tribute Donors – added combine primary & secondary option

Donor Receipt – added tender date and changed formatting
Phonathon – descending entered date order

New Reports


Event Table Team Detail
Participant List with Info
Participant Check-In


Percentage of New/Renew Members

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