About Us

The Company

Heritage Designs L.L.C. was formed in 1998 to design, develop and market fundraising/donor management software for nonprofit organizations and to provide the necessary ancillary services. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Heritage Designs is a privately held company.

Heritage Designs is committed to serving the nonprofit sector and to providing excellence in designing solutions for fundraising. The cornerstone of its approach is MatchMaker FundRaising Software, a fundraising/donor management software package.

Our team’s 50+ years of fundraising experience has helped a wide range of organizations expand their capacity for fundraising, whether it be with our fundraising software, MatchMaker FundRaising Software, or fundraising workshops.


At Heritage Designs we understand the critical significance of a solid infrastructure upon which to build a successful development program.   Our mission is to help nonprofits increase their capacity for fundraising and build their funding base to fulfill their organizational missions.


  • Quality Software Application
  • Supportive, Caring Client Relationships
  • Excellent, Client-Responsive Technical Support & Training
  • Knowledgeable Fundraising Consulting and Training